Kristopher Finds A Rainbow

 Kristopher Finds a Rainbow is a story written from the heart by Lynda  Giles. Kristopher with a "K" Koala bear's life is in turmoil. His grades  have slipped, he is angry and is acting out at school. Ms. Kanga, the  school principal, introduces Kristopher to a group. Kristopher learns by  being a part of this group, called "Rainbows", that he is not alone or  responsible for his parents' divorce. He also meets other bears and  makes new friends, feeling similar, but coping with other issues like a  loss of someone close to them. As a group, the bears work toward  realizing that this sadness and anger is temporary and will dissipate as  they heal and become happy again. This story is told with an upbeat  ending or should I say a "New Beginning"!