About me


Watercolour painting techniques are taught with the same philosophy as teaching students to read and write. First you are shown the alphabet, then taught the sound. The letters form words used in sentences. Finally the  students are able to write their own stories. Step by  step instruction enables the student to complete a painting, learning techniques along the way, to enable them to eventually paint their own masterpieces! Lynda is basically self taught with an enthusiasm in believing in herself and her God given talent to share  her artistic knowledge with others. She has a great understanding of the students that have difficulty learning, due to dyslexia and ocular dominance, expressing to them that perseverance believing in ones' self and passion, opportunities will be present. The words "I can't" and "not good enough" are not in her vocabulary. Her philosophy is when you say "I can't" a door is closed, at the least try and doors will open.

Lynda's career as an artist has included commissions, murals, juried shows and instructing classes for seniors, instruction for rehabilitation, instruction for art schools along with the Board of Education, Catholic and Public. Electives, P.D. Workshops and teaching to the curriculum, classes from Junior Kindergarten to grade 8 has been just some of her programs. Several  of her adolescent student taught at her home studio have won numerous awards in local juried art shows and even been in the Robert Bateman children's  calander.

Most importantly, Lynda makes learning fun!


I was born to Muriel  Davis and George Giles in Kingston Ontario on August 3, 1952. The youngest of 5 children, I have three sisters and one brother.

For all I know I was born with a pencil in hand, because I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawing. My initial passion for the pencil led me to a brush in my early twenties.

While living in Orillia, Ontario, I joined a painting group. I was somewhat skeptical about my abilities, but the instructor forced me to learn the wonders of the brush.

The Love Affair Had Begun!

Painting became my new passion! And to this day, I feel I owe much of my success to my teacher and friend Nelda Yorke.

Many of my friends praised my early watercolour work, so I took a shot and started entering local art shows. To my amazement, people were buying my stuff (works of art). Several years later I moved to Utopia, Ontario, where I made my passion my business. I opened the doors to “The Harvey House Bed and Breakfast and Art Studio”. I continued to enter juried shows, and also became very busy doing commission work. Among my paid jobs were several murals which grace the walls of many local establishments.

As my name as an artist grew, I was approached by many people wanting me to instruct them in painting watercolour. Not unlike my initial introduction to painting, teaching was a skill that I really doubted I could do.

Presenting the opportunity to me over and over again, I eventually listened to the internal voice. That same voice that had brought me this far, that had said time and again, “Just Try”.

Today I run my studio and business from my home at 250 Bradford St. in Barrie , where I live with my husband, Michael Wells.  I have raised four boys, successful in their own chosen fields  (my most cherished works of art). The most important lesson I share with them as well as my students is to listen to their own internal voice.

I feel that it is this voice, this intuition; this sometimes unexplainable mystical force (I call it God) has guided me to where I am today. Listen to this voice and it will guide you to your own happiness and success.


Lynda Giles